Embodying our ‘fun to drive’ philosophy, the FV2 concept car points to a future world where car and driver are connected, both physically and emotionally, where the bond grows the more you drive it. And it would look perfectly at home on the set of a futuristic Hollywood film!

The future is fun

The first thing you will notice is the driving position. With no steering wheel to grab hold of, the FV2 is operated by the driver shifting their body weight, intuitively moving the car forwards or backwards, left and right.

Being connected to intelligent transport system technology means you stay safe while having fun. A wide variety of local safety information captured from other vehicles and traffic infrastructure aids the driver of the FV2 to deal with dangers such as blind spots at junctions.

By incorporating technology under development in the Toyota Heart Project, both the driver and the FV2 can grow together. This research programme aims to enhance human and artificial intelligence so as well as talking and listening we will be able to engage each other using expressions, gestures and recollections of past events.

Physical and emotional connection

Using both voice and image recognition to determine the driver’s mood, the car will accumulate driving history to suggest driving routes and even determine the driver’s skill level to assist in driving technique. In doing so, the FV2 will develop a bond with the driver and grow in knowledge with them over time.

Finally, to give your FV2 the personal touch, its body colour and exterior display can be changed to match your mood, creating an even stronger bond between you and the car.

The future of car personalisation? We will have to watch this space…