Business Terms & Conditions


Vehicles sales
1) Please note that these prices are subject to change without prior notice.
2) Toyota and its manufacturing subsidiaries reserve the right to change vehicle specifications without prior notice.
3) All advance payments will be treated as deposits and are not recognised as final sales settlements.
4) These deposits will not attract interest.
5) Only when both parties have signed the order confirmation form will there be a binding   agreement: That is accepting the quotation.

6) Quotations are based on the ruling costs to TOYOTA ZAMBIA LTD labour, materials and spare parts as at the time of estimate. In event of any increase in such cost s at the time of actual repairs TOYOTA ZAMBIA LTD shall Charge such increase to the customer and inform the customer(s) of such increase in time.
7) Inspection fees shall be waived if the Customer authorizes the repair to be carried out by TOYOTA ZAMBIA LTD

8) Quotation is valid for 7 days.
9) All goods must be checked and verified at the time of delivery/ Collection.
10) Returned parts previously supplied correctly from stock will incur 10% handling charge and can only be accepted when the original invoice is provided and in original packaging.
11) Quotations issued for non Ex-stock items are estimates only.
12) Toyota Zambia Ltd reserves the right not to accept any returns. And the following shall not be returnable; Electrical Parts, Used Parts, Damaged Parts, Incompleted parts and Parts in damaged packages.”

13) Only the work described overleaf and any work reasonably incidental thereto will be done. Any other defects that are discovered in the course of the specified work will only be carried out on the express instruction of the Customer and will be charged in addition to any estimate given and on the terms and conditions herein set out.
14) If TOYOTA ZAMBIA LTD decides it is impractical to carry out any of the work it is entitled to refrain from carrying out or complimenting the same and TOYOTA ZAMBIA LTD’s decision in this respect shall be final and binding on the Customer. In such event the customer shall pay for such work as has been done by TOYOTA ZAMBIA L TD.
15) TOYOTA ZAMBIA LTD reserves the right to charge storage fees of K20 per day per vehicle from 5 days after completion of repairs provided the customer has been informed of such completion or date of the estimate where authority to repair has not been given.

16) All transactions are strictly cash or cheque at time of collection or delivery, unless specifically agreed otherwise. TOYOTA ZAMBIA LTD reserves the right to withhold delivery or collection of goods & services until the cheques have been cleared. All cash & cheque payments shall be subject to the Laws of Zambia. Subject to our credit policy, credit facilities can be arranged with our Finance Department; however, these have to be agreed prior to initiation of any transaction. All cheques are payable to TOYOTA ZAMBIA LTD.
17) A 100% deposit will be required for ordering parts that are currently not in stock.
18) TOYOTA ZAMBIA LTD reserves the right to demand a deposit before commencing or continuing any work.
19) CitiBank rate plus 2% Interest per month will be levied on overdue accounts.

20) All Customer refunds will only be made through Cheque or Electronic Fund Transfer payment methods”

21) TOYOTA ZAMBIA LTD assigns to the Customer rights in any warranty given by the manufacturer of spare parts used and TOYOTA ZAMBIA LTD is under no further obligation to the Customer except as set out in these terms and conditions.
22) All Toyota vehicles supplied through TOYOTA ZAMBIA LTD come with a three year or 100 000 Km warranty, whichever comes first.

Workshop Claims
23) TOYOTA ZAMBIA LTD accepts no liability for claims (which must be in writing) made after seven days from date of delivery in respect of faults, bad workmanship or defective materials used. Genuine claims submitted within specified period will be taken into consideration. However such consideration will not imply or infer admission of liability on the part of TOYOTA ZAMBIA LTD.

Used parts
24) Any part replaced by TOYOTA ZAMBIA LTD in the course of repairs shall wherever possible, be returned at the time of delivery to the Customer but in any case where not claimed by the Customer in 7 days after such delivery shall become TOYOTA ZAMBIA LTD’s absolute property. TOYOTA ZAMBIA LTD shall dispose of any unserviceable parts in any manner so deemed convenient.

25) If the Customer, after having been notified by TOYOTA ZAMBIA LTD does not collect their Vehicle/Parts within 6 months, TOYOTA ZAMBIA LTD may having submitted written notice in compliance with the law, dispose them as provided for in the Uncollected Goods Act of the Laws of Zambia.

Grey/ Second hand vehicles
26) TOYOTA ZAMBIA LTD is the official distributor of new Toyota vehicles in Za mbia and carries out service for those vehicles sold directly or indirectly by TOYOTA ZAMBIA LTD for Zambia. However, Toyota vehicles that are imported directly or indirectly by individuals and organizations from other markets do not always meet the specifications required to handle the environment. Therefore TOYOTA ZAMBIA LTD does not accept any liability for repairs carried out (especially on those vehicles that have had modifications done). Also TOYOTA ZAMBIA LTD does not accept liability for delays which may occur due to length of time for diagnose is of problem and nonavailability of parts, provided the genuine reason for the delay has been communicated to the customer.

Terms and Conditions
27) Unless otherwise agreed in writing by TOYOTA ZAMBIA LTD these terms and conditions override any other terms and conditions expressed or implied whether in any negotiations or otherwise and any other terms and conditions are hereby excluded.