If we told you soon you could be driving a car that looks like a regular four-door saloon, has a driving range of over 500km, will accommodate four people and can be re-fuelled in three minutes, you would probably say so what! The difference is this particular car is powered by hydrogen and only emits water. And it’s called FCV.

A clue in the styling

The electric-blue FCV is our pioneering hydrogen-powered fuel cell concept car, and the design of its exterior gives some clues as to just how radical an innovation this vehicle is.

While its bold front view features pronounced air intakes, the sleek side view conveys the air to water transformation of the fuel cell system with its flowing-liquid door profile and wave-motif fuel cap. At the rear the theme seamlessly finishes to convey a catamaran’s stern and the flow of water behind.

Hybrid at its heart

Equipped with our current hybrid system components at its heart, FCV combines these with a fuel cell stack that generates electricity from hydrogen and oxygen from the air. Incorporating a high-efficiency boost converter that increases voltage from the fuel cell with an electric drive motor that enables powerful acceleration, the FCV provides a higher level of performance at a lower price.

What’s more, not only does our concept car have a driving range of at least 500km, but fully fuelled, it can provide enough electricity to meet the daily needs of an average home for more than a week. The future’s closer than we think…