Customers' Safety come first

Covid-19 Prevention at Toyota Zambia

Customers' Safety come first

Since the breakout of COVID-19 pandemic, Toyota Zambia has taken a serious approach towards the prevention of the virus within all its branches. We aim to continue serving our customers while supporting their safety, that of  employees and business partners.

A Covid-19 Task Force Team was formed even before the first case of Covid-19 was recorded in Zambia. The Team came up with policies and measures to minimize all possible risks.

Toyota Zambia teamed up with Medlink to inform all employees about the nature of the virus and the way it spreads, ways of recognition and measures to be taken in the unlikely event that an employee feels COVID-19 symptoms.

The Task Force Team has identified 3 main areas of how the virus could penetrate Toyota Zambia facilities:

1. From received vehicles and parts, in which case the virus would come from outside of Zambia, surviving on a surface.


  1. We sanitize all our parts and vehicles, inside and outside, as soon as it arrives at our facility.
  2. We have special procedure in place to ensure that our employees have absolutely no physical contact with people coming to Zambia.
  3. All of the people involved are required to wear protective items like gloves and masks.                                                                                                                                                                  


2. From people who  enter our Toyota Zambia facilities


  1. As early detection is first step towards quick recovery and prevention of contamination, Toyota Zambia has provided all of its employees with a thermometer for private use. At the entrances to Toyota premises there is a temperature check point. There is a strict protocol in place which prevents anyone with high temperature to enter the premises, whether it is an employee, a customer or a business partner.
  2. All people accessing Toyota Zambia premises are required to wear face masks at all times.
  3. At Parts Sales, Service and Reception counters, safety is further enhanced by the introduction of fiberglass barriers between Toyota staff and customers.
  4. New vehicles delivered to customers are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before handover.  
  5. Test drives are now done under strict guidelines that require vehicle sanitization before and after the test drive, while both the customer and the sales consultant are required to sanitize hands and wear face masks.

3. From vehicles that come to Toyota Zambia for servicing.


  1. Once a customer has been cleared to enter Toyota Service premises, our staff firstly sanitize the vehicle both from inside and outside to make it safe.
  2. Once the service is done, the whole vehicle is washed and again sanitized.



TZAM Covid-19 Prevention - PDF

As we are part of the community, we are also trying to contribute to the overall awareness about measures needed to bring down COVID-19. We use our social media with over 100,000 followers as well as our delivery fleet of branded vans that circle around Zambia 24/7 to communicate these valuable messages with the general public.

As an organization, we shall continue to conduct our business with the utmost safety precautions for our customers and employees. The aim is to continue providing the very best customer experience during and post Covid-19 period.

We are appreciate the continued support rendered to us from our esteemed and business partners despite these challenging times.

We will endeavor to continuously maintain high hygiene standard within all our facilities across the Country by regularly sanitizing our work premises every fortnight.

Faithfully yours,

Toyota Zambia LTD